Ben Wittezaele

Ben Wittezaele

Freelancer, CRO Artist and Motivational Coach in 1 complete package!

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I'm glad you found my page. It will give you more info about who I am and what I do.

First of all, the guy in the picture up there, he has a T-shaped profile. We're not talking physical shapes here, we're referring to a strong business experience that gave him that big T. And since I am that guy, I can assure you that such a profile makes one more resilient to solve broad problems, not just those in a certain area.

Read on: I am 'really' passionate about CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), about monetizing online customer journeys and making the interwebz a better place to dwell.

You will find a nice selection of my skills next, supported by very fancy progress bars. Be sure to click all the buttons and call-to-actions. A: sometimes they will be there / B: sometimes they won't. (CRO's will understand...)

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Ben Wittezaele

Hard Skills

It should NEVER be 100%, learning is forever.

Digital Marketing (allround)
Conversion Optimization (CRO)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Webdev (HTML5, CSS3, BS4)

Soft Skills

They matter a lot, if one wants to survive the jungle.

Client minded

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My Dear Clients

As a freelancer, you'll meet a lot of exceptional companies, new colleagues and great challenges. And it's when you treat the company as your own, you put down results. A fine selection:

What Have I Done?

Every project was a valuable extension of previous assignments. e-Commerce, product ownership (website level),... .

Connect with me on LinkedIn (here you go: ) and you will find all details and secrets in my curriculum over there.

KBC Bank en Verzekeringen
Bloovi Me
ING Bank

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CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization

Passion is for people who want to work without working. It's the fire within that keeps one performing and improving, every single day. CRO is my thing, my passion. Making the interwebz a better place to dwell, site by site. And sometimes, I feel like those secret societies some people are raving about: Doing crazy, game changing things behind curtains.

What is CRO and do I need it?

If you are looking into your closet or drawer to see if you have a CRO yourself, you probably want to read further:

What is CRO? Simply said: It is applying specific techniques on your website so more of your visitors will do what you want them to do. Most of the time.

All you need is data (what are visitors doing now), extensive knowledge of user behaviour online (why are they doing that, what comforts them the most) and technical know-how (measuring is knowing). It's simple, right?
Of course it isn't, it never is. That's why one needs passion to keep studying behaviour, data and online innovations. You can either pick someone in your business who 'does the internet thingies' next to other stuff that he or she 'really' likes doing, or you could choose an external party who loves this stuff already and has years of experience, a full bag of knowledge and an unrivalled drive.

Here's the good news, specially selected for you, visitor: I am available for new projects.

Now, if passionate people start to write about 'their' thing, they will probably end up with 6 internets full of praise, answers on not-yet-asked questions and lore. That's why I will hold my horse here (for a while) and end this part with a very simple representation of a case. Disclaimer: Used values are somewhat dramatized to make things clear, just like in movies and news items.

This is why you need CRO:

  1. You understand that the competition is probably going full speed ahead online. They are gaining market share thanks to their online representation, but some of that share should belong to you. Or it was yours. So you decide to build or refresh your website.
    It'll cost you, but you are online. You will gain 100 visitors in a given period, 5 of them will become a client. That is 5%.
  2. You don't like to be second, on the second page of the Google results that is. You know they are burying stuff there that shouldn't see any daylight. So you decide to take matters into your own hands and you order a Knight of the Search Engine Optimization, (we call it an SEO).
    It'll cost you, but you are much more visible online. You will gain 2500 visitors in a given period, you expect 125 clients (5%) but only 25 (1%) became client. What the [censored] happened?
  3. A guy knows a girl who knows a guy that knows about CRO. Me. I will probably tell you that not all your newly gained visitors act equal. The more people you get, the more divers they are.
    - Some will find it hard to get what they search for.
    - Others will lose interest to fast.
    - Yet another visitor will try to view his basket or fill in that form to get that free download, but then Misty happened. Misty? Misty was silently playing with a pencil next to your visitor, until a cup of coffee was lost in translation. Misty hits the cup with her tail. The visitor reacts to save his valuable, comforting drink but instead it is launched in the general direction of the device he was using. [Visualize, it's kinda funny if you do]... You'll probably find an abruptly ended session in Google Analytics...

To conclude:

My 'demi-sec' humour may pop up sometimes, but this matter is actually NOT funny at all. You are losing a lot of potential, return-on-investments are plummeting, your market share gets a hit, your online actions are losing all their momentum. This is not acceptable. For you, your company nor your employees. And that's why you need CRO.

- Elite Webdesigners are focused on building beautiful and technical outstanding designs, but they usually don't have time for SEO nor CRO. It takes a while to deliver results (never forget!).
- SEO-ninjas are focused on what they do best, but they can't rule out good webdesign and the process of CRO to maximize their efforts.
- CRO-knights need good webdesigners and splendid SEO-techniques to fulfil your goals.

Again, simply put: every (worthy) specialist mentioned above adds more return to your investment. And it is quite exponential per level. Strong players already found out.

The following graph provides you with a hypothetical visualisation of how CRO efforts are impacting your results. It speaks for itself.

Graph about conversion optimization

I can help you with Search Engine Optimization, and/or I would love to assist your company with Conversion Rate Optimization. If you find it difficult to translate your needs to your webdesigner, talk with me, I translate. Or maybe you prefer to learn to fish, instead of buying fishes? I do that too. I am all ears/eyes!

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That Other Great Thing: Coaching

I am so into my passion for CRO that I always felt the urge to tell everyone about it. Why is that? Because I want people to learn what I learned. And then I started thinking...What if I share my knowledge and experiences? What if I can enrich other people's life or job? And should I be able to convert my psychology knowledge, gained thanks to CRO and user profiling, into motivational coaching?

What Have I Learned?

There are the professional teachings I do, and there are the life experiences. In my career, I've met a lot of people, I saw many environments and that gave me a lot of useful 'luggage'.

How should one find his personal passion? How can you or your team get enlightened and break out of negative spirals? I've been there, done that, and conquered it. I want to share that with people in need.

People will feel if one is able to help them on their path. If they're open to it, they will connect on another, more deepened level because there's something to gain. And that is a natural reflex: survive.

When I meet people in my team, I will almost automatically sense if somethig is 'off' or when there is a hurdle to overcome. Their tone-of-voice, their body language, ... there are many cues giving away current states. That's when I know I can start digging (softly) to reach the struggle that keeps results or efficiency away.

Business will benefit from it, the results will too, and the biggest bonus? One person less to hate Mondays. Or Tuesdays... or work...

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Contact Me

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